Noah Project, Muskegon’s very first no-kill animal shelter, has played a key role in the rescue and adoption of over 8,000 homeless pets in our community since opening its doors in September of 2000. Our friendly adoption staff will work with you to find the right dog or cat for your home.  All cats and dogs at Noah Project are immunized, micro-chipped, fixed, and loved! 

IN CONSIDERATION OF YOUR TIME: It is Noah Projects' general policy that we do not adopt to homes with unaltered pets or pets not current on vet services.  

Noah's Project's Shelter Director must approve your application before adoption.

Our adoption process follows a walk-in, first-come, first-served, best-fit policy with no appointment needed and a completed & approved adoption application.  We encourage adopters to get to know doges they are interested in outside of the kennel and choose dogs based on personality and being a good fit with their family and lifestyle.

Once you choose an animal you wish to adopt, we will sit down for an informational consultation where you get to meet the animal to ensure that you and the pet you’ve selected are a good match.  During this process, we’ll also review the animal’s medical and behavioral records and explain policies and services available to adopters.

Each pet has a standard set of requirements and an individualized set of requirements.

Standard Requirements:

All pets require…

Individualized Requirements:

Some pets may require…

Adoption fees help cover the medical and necessary care when animals are surrendered.

Cats one year or younger are $200

Cats older than a year are $175

Dogs one year or younger are $375

Dogs older than a year are $350

*general prices, exceptions may apply

For Cats: You will be able to visit with our cats in one of their “free-roaming” housing areas. Here’s hoping you’ll find your new best friend! 

For Dogs: A staff member will escort you through the dog area. If you find one or more dogs you are interested in, a shelter staff member will bring the animal up to a visiting area where you can get to know each other better.

Adoptions are generally not available to go home on the same day as the meet & greet.

Our longest residents at Noah Project still looking for their forever home: