The Noah Project is always in need of volunteers! If you would like to volunteer at Noah Project, please download, fill out and email our volunteer application to info@noahprojectmuskegon.org.

We also accept those who need community service hours. Please give the shelter director at least 24 hours notice to sign community service papers.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Under 16: Cats, must be accompanied by a parent

  • Under 18: Cats

  • Over 18: Cats, Dogs

We Can Always Use Help With...

  • Feeding dogs, taking them outside for recreation and cleaning kennels

  • Maintenance around the building

  • Volunteering at events and fundraisers

  • Artistic help (photos, videos, window displays)

  • Laundry and general housekeeping

  • Feeding cats and their care

  • Bathing dogs

  • Groundskeeping and gardening

  • Assist in front office duties